Jupiter Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy at Jupiter High School has developed a program called “Enviroservice.”  Enviroservice is a program participated in by the sophomore class of the Academy on a monthly basis.  The Academy sophomore students are placed into five teams of eight to fifteen students per team.  Each team goes to a different location to work along side the professionals from various agencies as they do environmental enhancement, research and other environmentally focused activities.  Each month the teams rotate to another site to allow all students, the opportunity to work at all sites by the end of the school year.  With the traditional seven period JHS schedule being blocked into a four-ours block, “Enviroservice” uses the four period block to avoid students missing classes with other teachers.

School-based buses are used to transport students to each “Enviroservice” location.  School-based drivers are fully licensed and certified by the Palm Beach County School District and include one Academy teacher, one Jupiter HS teacher, and one volunteer.  The volunteer driver is also employed as a substitute teacher in the District.   The water quality monitoring is done from the Academy pontoon boat operated by another Academy teacher.  While in the field, each team of students works with an agency professional.  A School District employee supervises every team of students.

Partners in the Enviroservice program that provide technical assistance and equipment have included, Palm Beach County Environmental Resource Management, Loxahatchee River Environmental Control District, Nature Conservancy and the Bureau of Land Management.  Jobs performed by Academy students include exotic plant removal, habitat restoration, water quality monitoring, fish population surveys, native nursery upkeep, plant surveys and the always-needed litter removal and general maintenance of local natural areas.  These agencies not only provide personnel that work with our students, they provide up-to-date equipment that our students learn to use by doing real-world projects and research for these agencies. 

Through the “Enviroservice” program, Academy student contribute over 200 person-hours of environmental community service to the community as part of their academic learning.  The “Enviroservice” program is truly a community partnership.  Each year the Academy seeks financial assistance so that our students can continue learning by hands-on environmental activities, while at the same time making a lasting impact on our environment.

Environmental Academy Courses:

9th Grade:

AICE Marine Science

AICE Thinking Skills

Experimental Science Research

10th Grade:

Biology (H)

Chemistry (H)

AP Environmental Science

11th Grade: (Choose 2 for each semester)

Dual Enrollment Courses at JHS (2 offered each semester)

Plant ID of South Florida Ecosystem

Environmental Issues in Horticulture

Florida Environmental History

Intro to Environmental Science

** Dual enrollment courses are subject to change

AICE Environmental Management

Research 2

12th Grade: (Choose 1 or 2 for each semester)

GIS/Environmental Mapping

Wildlife Ecology

** Dual enrollment courses are subject to change

Dual Enrollment Courses at JHS (1 offered each semester)

Research 3, Zoology (H)

Executive Internship


** Students do a monthly rotation to the following areas:
Riverbend Park, Blowing Rocks, ERM, Loxahatchee River District, J.I.L.I.


Cooperating Agencies:



Mr. White Environmental Champion 2012